Willie Nelson at the House of Blues

willie-1I saw Willie Nelson at the House of Blues in Anaheim almost a month ago and haven’t remembered to write about it til now. The man was amazing as always and as I’ve noted before, he easily glides through a set of songs that includes a majority of standards but still mixes in surprises.

They did Nina Simone’s “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” which I’ve seen them do before in Orange County (though not in LA, Nashville or the desert — draw your own conclusions). After introducing the band and drummer Paul English, Willie said, “Here’s a song I wrote about me and Paul” and they went into “Me and Paul,” one of my favorites, which I don’t think I’ve seen them play before. They also did another of my favorite songs, “I Never Cared For You.” Oddly — for a Willie show — there was a scuffle right in front of me in front of the stage during that song that I didn’t get to focus as I’d have liked.

Except for that, it was another wonderful show and Willie and the Family played great.