So here’s what I’ve been up to music-wise this week… emailing the crap out of the Selina video to kick-ass bloggers. I wanted to get it in the hands of people who write about the areas where I play. So I targeted blogs and zines in Nashville, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. A lot of them, I knew in some way. Many, I found through a simple Google search. But I didn’t spam anyone. I wrote personal notes to all even if I reused a lot of what I was saying.

In the open-book spirit, here’s whom I emailed:

In Nashville:
Steve Cross, We Own This Town, Nashville Scene, Needles and Pins

In San Diego:
Blog San Diego, Owl and Bear, SD Dialed In, SD City Beat

In Orange County:
OC Music Scene

In Los Angeles:
You Set the Scene, Buzz Bands LA, Losanjealous, LA Music Blog, Rollo & Grady, Aquarium Drunkard, Brand X

You can see Orange County is severely under-represented there. Where are the cool music/culture blogs in OC?