Last Night at The 5 Spot

I was lucky enough to land a show at The 5 Spot in East Nashville last night. I was also lucky enough that some great friends filled out the bill and made it a wonderful night. My great thanks to Gentleman Drivers and Action! and all the friends who came out on a Sunday night to watch some rock ‘n’ roll.

My friends Todd K and Ryan E played with me. We started The Carter Administration together a long time ago. I had thought it would be funny to call a band Todd A and the B-Holes. So that’s what we were. This was the most fun show I’ve ever played. I loved it. We play together in some fashion when I’m in town but this was the first full band show with me on an acoustic. It was just the sound I was hoping for. My tremendous love and thanks to Ryan and Todd. That was an amazing night.

We played: Long Beach, Selina, I Gave Up, Spare the Rod, Ilsa, Apostrophe, Out the Other, Flat Wendy, Easy Street, and Stay Together.