Yeh, so back to They Might Be Giants

I just figured I might as well go ahead and link to the Onion AV Club interviews with Linnell and Flansburgh.

Here’s John Linnell:

We work very quickly. We record very quickly. We try not to belabor stuff too much. I think it’s important for John and I, because you stop hearing something if you hear it too many times. You can’t remember what the point of it was. From what I understand, Steely Dan really enjoyed that process. For some reason, they were really happy to grind into something that much. I personally cannot do that. I can’t spend too long writing a song or it loses its flavor, and we can’t spend too long recording it. So I think we do feel like there’s a danger in worrying too much about technical concerns—even the sound, the playing of it, or fussing over the structure.

Flansburgh says all sorts of awesome things about recording and Dial-A-Song, ephermera and objects. But I like this bit:

One of the things that’s really sad about YouTube is that if you’re in a band, and you want to do something, you just want to wheel something out in a live show and see how that goes, you can’t really do that anymore, unless you want to have a million people saying, “The first time you did it was a million times better,” or “This song isn’t fully formed,” or whatever. When The Breeders went out on their first tour, they didn’t have words to half the songs. They literally just kind of mumbled through the second verses of all these songs. And it was not a big deal, because it was a rock show—you could barely hear the words anyway. It was a work in progress, and it was okay. I don’t think we’d ever be brave enough to do something like that, but it’s a way that people have worked, and I feel like the fact that everything gets recorded now, everything you do is part of your permanent record now, it’s very strange. I guess there’s something nice about being able to be off the record, or just do something for a workshop purpose.

I’m pretty sure the Breeders mumbled through the songs on their last tour too.