More of the New 52

Before I run off to Comics Unlimited and buy this week’s bounty of the New 52, I thought I’d best summarize last week’s.

hawk-dove-1Hawk and Dove — I mean… I just don’t care enough. When they showed up in Birds of Prey over the past couple of years, I thought they were fine but I’m just not intrigued enough by the characters. Having them on their own seems like a real stretch.

detective-comics-1Detective Comics #1 — I’m gonna be real with you… I hate the Joker. Any story that stars him, I just roll my eyes. He makes Batman look like a complete wuss. Why some frustrated Gotham cop hasn’t ended this irritating character for once and for all is a total mystery to me. I especially loathe stories where he’s hacking people to pieces. When he’s just a nutcase like Riddler or Penguin, I can ignore him. But really… Gotham City hasn’t executed this dipshit yet?

batgirl-1Batgirl #1 — I’ve been loving the crap out of the Batgirl that was rebooted two years ago with Stephanie Brown so seeing Babs return to the role is pretty weird. She’s one of those characters who’s really grown up in comics. Making her a “Batgirl” again is almost demeaning. As Oracle she was a powerful character and especially, a feminist one. This New 52 reboot of her just seems opportunistic and shallow.

action-comics-1Action Comics #1 — I really don’t understand where this New 52 reboot is going with everyone. Superman’s new on the scene but Batgirl’s been paralyzed and miraculously healed already? Anyway, I have mixed feelings on the Man of Steel. I’ll stick around for a couple issues to see if he does anything cool.

justice-league-intl-1Justice League International #1 — This is just bad. Hey don’t you love it when superheroes team up with the United Nations? Yeesh, how lame. It should be 50 pages of dumb milquetoast bureaucrats wasting superheroes’ time. Just like they wasted mine reading it.

batwing-1Batwing #1 — Here’s another of those New 52 anomalies. Batwing is basically the Batman of the Congo. He’s a character from the whole Batman, Inc storyline. But I thought we were rebooting the universe here? So Batman hasn’t met Superman yet but he’s been around long enough to visit Africa and donate a bunch of bat-tech to an up and coming superhero there. The art is pretty interesting with a nice painted style. But it’s too violent for my tastes. I doubt I’ll continue with it.