The New 52 week 3

Thus continues my ongoing coverage of DC Comics’ “New 52″…

batman-robin-1Batman & Robin #1 — As I griefed last week, I still don’t know what the hell is going on in the DC Universe. The Justice League hasn’t formed yet, but Batman & Robin picks up just where it left off before the reboot. I get reboots. Sometimes they’re cool. I like the artistic freedom offered in a reboot: tell this story the way you want to tell it. (Though, Lord knows, we don’t need another retelling of the Batman & Robin origin.)

In this New 52 Batman and Robin, it’s Batman (Bruce Wayne) and his son Damian as Robin. While this’ll sound crazy to most non-readers of B&R, this isn’t a total reboot. Damian became Robin when Dick Grayson took over as Batman a couple of years ago. When Bruce came back, he just nudged Dick out. So I’m left very confused.

batwoman-1Batwoman #1 — However… All that moaning I’ve done over the past couple of weeks asking what the hell is going on, is countered by Batwoman #1 — a character who got her own reboot in the past couple of years. And here, it’s worth it. Batwoman #1 is a cool comic. The art is wonderful and the story is dark and interesting. I didn’t think I’d care but I really like this one. Well done.