I could play tiny maracas all day

tiny-maracasI spent yesterday in the studio with Allen. It was to be our wrap-up session for all the songs except one for which we have a ridiculous gang vocal idea. However, we’re doing one more wrap-up since what I had planned for one bridge didn’t work well.

Other than that, it was an awesome day. I had a few guitar melody lines that I wanted to add to songs. And we added slight percussion (tambourine and shakers) to several songs. (We were both totally amazed at how that little percussion made a huge difference in some tunes. Mostly it went quickly and easily because we had a list.

Last weekend we got together to listen to the tracks and discuss what to do next. The drums on It’s Too Hot to Larp weren’t working for me. And I took to heart a conversation I’d had with Todd K where he extolled the perfect simplicity of IRL. Allen agreed on those points. But we do both like what we’ve got for Out the Other with its drums and bass and everything else. But making the decision not to move forward with adding a bunch of other instruments to the great acoustic recordings we’d already gotten focused us immediately. So we made a list of what to add to each song. And it looked like this:


So yesterday, we just set up and started rolling through the changes. We took a lunch hour at In N Out but worked an 8 hour day. Man, I wish I could do that every day.