JF_Pixies_032aOver the past couple of nights, I watched loudQUIETloud — a documentary about the Pixies reunion in 2004. I’d seen chunks of it before but never sat down and watched the whole thing.

I liked it a lot. It’s nice to watch a documentary on a band that isn’t a) a history that tries to sum up the entire existence of the band or b) a piece of marketing that builds up to all the great stuff yet to come. loudQUIETloud is just a portrait of a band at a particular time.

And I like watching band members relate to each other as adults. There isn’t any childish shit going on. It’s just four adults making great music together.

I was prompted to watch it when I ran across it on Hulu. I didn’t realize they have so many great documentaries (Next up: “Hey! Is Dee Dee Home?”). And the timing was right because I just bought a ticket to see the Pixies in LA next month. When I did that I realized that I first saw the Pixies 20 years ago. Before they broke up. Jeez.