American Censorship: Round 2

So a couple of weeks ago it was SOPA in the House. Now it’s the Protect IP Act in the Senate. Big business and big government hate the freedom of the internet. Help stop them from ruining everything. Those opposed to the Act are organizing a call-in this morning.

The EFF has good information about the Act and talking points for your call.

A List Apart — a long-running and highly-regarded web magazine for web developers — writes in depth on the problems of bills like SOPA and PIPA. They provide easy-to-understand examples of what would happen under SOPA like this:

Ever used a search engine? Google and Bing would have indexed the NPR story and probably included the artwork. (That’s what search engines do.) Therefore Google and Bing could be shut down. To avoid being shut down, Google and Bing would be responsible for policing the copyright ownership of every piece of content they index.

You can also sign a petition from which Senator Ron Wyden will read in order to filibuster the bill if needed at

Stop the government and big business from breaking the internet now!