Mustache Diary. Day 15 or so.

the mustache on this dude in Panera is disgusting

A few days ago, I accidentally licked my lip and was instantly grossed out my the hairy feeling. This is the longest I’ve ever let a mustache go and I’m damn near out of patience with it. But I’m soldiering on for as long as I can take it.

The “A” men aren’t known for their beards. None of us can connect all the beard pieces. We’re hella patchy. Nor does our facial hair grow thick. But traditionally, we can grow a mustache. It’s a bit thin but that just gives it a trimmed appearance. I call it “the Jerry.”

I didn’t start this as a Movember ‘tache. It started like most facial hair: I just didn’t shave for a few days and thought, well won’t it be funny if I shave off the beard around the ‘tache. (I also left the sub-stache because I thought it might look a bit more balanced. I believe there are actually only 14 hairs in the sub-stache.) But now, I’m halfway through the month and it seems a shame to just give up. Plus my parents are visiting next week and I think it’ll be totally hilarious to show up at the airport with a mustache.

Can I make it 30 days? Should I keep going or give into my desire to feel attractive and mustache-free? Let me know in the comments.