Sunday night at Cabrillo Playhouse


I played the Local Sunday Sessions at the Cabrillo Playhouse on Sunday evening. Despite the torrential rainstorm, quite a few people turned out. The Playhouse really is a small theater. It’s so close that it makes for a really intimate show.

I opened the evening. Melody Ryan played after me and Sasha Evans closed the show. Melody was great — easy and fun and sweet. And Sasha was just incredible. Joined by Doug Miller on violin and accompanying herself on piano, Sasha sings smokey, jazzy songs with clever lyrics that are amusing, sweet and sad within the same verse. She’s really remarkable and I bought both of her CDs she had for sale. That means 50% of the CDs I’ve bought this year were Sasha Evans CDs! She’s that good!

I had a wonderful time. The audience is there to listen so it’s easy to get comfortable and tell stories. It wasn’t like at a club or even coffee shop where the performer sometimes has to compete with the audience for volume. The sound was great with just my amp and Sasha’s small PA. I felt really comfortable and it made for great time onstage.

Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to Laurel for having me, Melissa for suggesting it to me, to Sasha and Melody for their awesome performances. And to the people who braved the rain to listen.