What I wrote my congresswoman about SOPA

Hastily written but here’s what I said:

I urge you not to support the STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT HR 3261 (SOPA). This bill was written by big entertainment business to cover their interests only. Myself and thousands of your constituents in Orange County make our living working on the internet. This bill will have radical negative consequences for all of us.

Small web shops may go out of business because they cannot provide regulatory oversight for their customers. Entrepreneurs may not be able to stay in business because of Section 103 of the bill which allows financial support of websites to be cut off by notices from individuals or companies.

I have worked on internet projects for all kinds of companies in Orange County — large business with only one site to maintain, small shops who build sites for a large clientele, and individuals who have an entrepreneurial idea they want to pursue. This bill will affect all of them and it will drastically HURT INNOVATION on the internet.

Please do not support HR 3261.

Todd A

You can contact your Congress member here.