The latest news on the new recordings

Allen sent me a batch of mixes for the EP a week or so ago. I listened to it non-stop on several pairs of headphones and a couple of sets of speakers. I only heard a couple of things that bugged me. One lead guitar was too loud and one wasn’t loud enough. But Allen’s a pro and he heard things that bugged him in a different way. While I say “too loud” or “too soft,” he heard the EQ isn’t right. Once he started remixing the EQ on the main acoustic guitars, the leads popped into place like they should. I went over to his house last week and watched him work his magic and talked about the mixes and all things rock ‘n’ roll like we do.

Allen and I have been working on this project since July and it’s been a really awesome experience for me. Once the final mix is done, I’ll have mastering to get done and cover art from Eric Koda to put the whole EP together properly. Can’t wait.

And here are some pictures Allen took of the process.