2011: Gold Stars

So this was the idea:

I’ve been using Google Reader probably since around the time it was invented. I have kept up with hundreds of blogs, tumblrs, tweets, magazines and news sources with it through the years. As a result I have probably tens of thousands of posts that I’ve starred or shared. The shared items I just throw out there to friends as a “look what I’m reading” kinda link. The starred items are different though. I star items often because I want to blog about them later. And then I rarely get around to it. But when I do blog about a starred item, I usually remove the star so I’m no longer saving the item in Reader. Nonetheless, they accumulate.

A week or so ago, I thought to sum up 2011 from my Reader I’d try to link to all the posts I still have saved and clear out the whole thing. I got through about 2 months of links in a week. That means there are about 6 times as many links as those listed below still starred from 2011 alone in my Reader. What I learned from doing this is that I am way too damn scatter-brained. So in that sense, it was a great eye-opener. I need only to look at this post and realize that I should spend all the energy spent on accumulating and reading and blogging about these things on my own music and writing. Nonetheless, here’s a decent review of things I didn’t get to blogging about in 2011…

General Interest

Louis CK


Music Videos

From boingboing, EL GUINCHO’s “Bombay”:

From Buzzfeed, She + Him’s “Don’t Look Back”:



The Internet





This Axe Cop Fan Film:


From boingboing:




Shinya Kimura:

Open Source



Steve Jobs