I saw Haywire Friday night

The weirdest thing about Haywire was that about 2 hours before I saw it, a co-worker gave me an absolutely terrible review that was so opposite of my feelings about it that I questioned whether he was discussing the same movie. He told me there was no action, too much dialogue, that lead actor couldn’t act, that it was way too long and — strangest of all — that it was based on a true story.

So, process all that and come up with the opposite and that’s the movie I saw. Great, visceral fight scenes and chases, twists, a strong female protagonist, an awesome cast, a running time that left me wanting more — it was perfect.

I know part of it is that I love Soderbergh. He’s one of those directors who pulls me into the world he creates in his movies. So I was in from the start.

Also part of it is that I’m now crushing hard on Gina Carano. I could have watched her kick a hundred asses.