So I read my second novel again…

barrys-cherries…which sounds like a ridiculously pretentious opening to a blog post. But as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from iUniverse (whom I used to publish the book) saying Barry’s Cherries was now an eBook. I hadn’t made any special effort to create this as an eBook for Nook and Kindle so I was a little surprised. Anyway, I went to the Kindle store and bought myself a copy (only $3.99!) so I could see how it read.

It reads pretty well. There are a few formatting errors. The most annoying one is that every ellipsis is turned into a single period. So there is a whole lot of insane looking dialogue in the novel where characters’ sentence fragments just come to a full stop because the ellipsis I wrote is not there.

As a novel… well I can’t be objective at this point. I’ve read it probably 30 times. But it still pleases me, surprises me and makes me think it would be an awesome movie.

It was a long-outstanding project for me to convert my novels into Kindle versions so I am just happy someone did it for me. I won’t quibble over a few missed periods. And neither should you. Just go buy it and make me like 20 cents in royalties.