So many cassettes

I returned from Nashville after Christmas in 2010 with about 50 old cassettes of bands, demos, electronic music projects from my… well let’s say “youth.” I do think the most recent is still probably 8 years old. Yes, I was still putting things on cassette in 2004. And in fact, I still demo most things on cassette even now. Crazy, right?

Anyway, my intention was always to start converting these gems to mp3s and dishing them out on my website. I started pretty boldly a year or so ago. But it was such a pain in the ass to route my old-ass Walkman into GarageBand and try to make mp3s that I gave up. But I just got one of these Ion Audio USB Tape to MP3 players and I like the workflow people describe in the comments. I’m not convinced it’s actually any better than my Walkman since the USB didn’t limit the level like I had expected. But I did relatively successfully convert one song using the Ion and Audacity.

So here’s the first of the cassette orphans: Oh Connie