“So you have a new record out? How’s that going?”

After my show at the LAB a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me the question framed in the title above. It came up because I’d said a few things about my new record during my set. It’s a really interesting question me because it’s loaded with information and preconceptions (mostly on my part).

1) Social media obviously doesn’t work. I mean, I know I’m a terrible self-promoter. But apparently even when I’m trying to step up my self-promotion and really nag people, it doesn’t work. I thought I’d been posting about the record at an almost irritating amount on Facebook and Twitter but apparently, this sample group of one friend hadn’t seen anything about it.

2) It’s going fine in the sense that it’s out. I don’t have any expectations for a record that I release. It was a huge effort to get it out. The last two weeks of that push to get it all done were rough. I felt like I was working all night every night after my day job. And this was after all the recording, clean-ups, meetings and mixes.

I have a huge checklist of people I should try to get the record to and ways I should try to promote it. But trying to line that up to accomplish at the same time like I’m some big artist with a team of people behind a launch is asinine. So I just work every day trying to check off one thing at a time.

That’s how it’s going. The record is really good. And it’s only $5. Go ahead and buy it.