Wednesday Night at Sol Grill

I played Paul Hines’s Songwriters Night at Sol Grill Wednesday night. I had played a similar evening there more than a year ago and was pretty spooked. I’d expected a typical Songwriters Night with people there who wanted to listen. So it’s a bit of a misnomer. The songwriters are just background music for the diners. And it’s such a small room that it can be a little nerve-wracking to be a couple of feet away from someone who isn’t really listening to you.

There’s a thing with songwriters — at least when we’re in our role as songwriters performing our own material — we want people to listen. In that kind of setting, we realize quickly that covers might go over better.

I was prepared this time around. And as a result I didn’t lean too heavily on covers. Cause I chose originals that fit the mood a bit better. No one really listened, maybe a couple of people tuned in and out, but I didn’t feel like I was awkwardly performing my indie rock for a bunch of annoyed diners. And what I realized was that with a proper mix on myself from the monitor, I could kind of tune out the dining room noise and just enjoy playing and singing.

I hit mostly country-ish tunes this week — covers by Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and originals like Becky, All or Nothin, Texas, We Used to Hang.

Afterwards, Boris made a comment to me like “maybe the day job doesn’t seem so bad, right?” And my response was, “A bad day of golf is still a pretty good day.”

I’m sure it’d wear me out in a certain way to play originals to an uninterested audience but playing music is still pretty damn enjoyable.