I made a whole record of Willie Nelson songs

Todd-A-Me-and-WillieSo this past month has been a month of classic country music for me. I saw Willie Nelson twice in really amazing venues. I saw Merle Haggard for the first time. And I made a short record of Willie Nelson songs.

I had the idea to do this near the end of last year but with all the struggle to get out a record of originals, we just never got around to it. Then in February, I told Allen I’d written my annual country song and asked when he had some time to record. I booked him for two nights.

In the intervening time, I decided I wasn’t keen enough on my new country song to lay it down. So I proposed going with our original idea for the Willie record and doing a really stripped down recording, getting vocals and guitar live. The first night we did just that. The second night, we made a few attempts at putting down other rhythm guitars but song-by-song, we decided we didn’t want anything else in there. So Allen played solos on three of the songs and we finished.

Allen did the mixing and mastering. I posted it all up to Bandcamp. You can download it right here for free.