I went to Vegas last weekend for the first time

I’ve flown through Vegas a bunch of times but I’ve never stopped and smelled the roses there. It turns out they smell largely like rum and/or vomit. Depending on the wind.

My friends Bryan and Phia had a hotel room for the weekend. Bryan was working on an event there. Phia needed a partner to devastate the Strip with. They invited me.

Since it was my first trip there, Phia took me on a whirlwind tour of the Strip. We started at the MGM Grand and walked down to Caesar’s Palace and back up, through almost every casino. My frozen Hurricane only lasted through half the lap.

After dinner and some gambling, we went to the Rio for the Penn & Teller show which was incredible. I’m a big fan. I’ve seen them twice at ComicCon which is really just a panel, not their act. So it was fantastic to see it in person. They’re so understated but quick and effective. Minimalist almost, though they have some complicated tricks. It’s not one of those explosions and fire magic shows. Just a bunch of cool tricks. Sometimes they’ll unwrap one for the audience so you can see the flim-flammery but often they let the mystery just hang there. It’s really well executed.

At the end, during their most insane loudest trick, they raise the curtain at the back of the stage so you can see their various props — literally revealing themselves even as they deceive you on a massive scale. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

After the show we met Bryan for a late dinner and Bryan and I strolled out onto Fremont street (we were staying downtown). He said, “Well, this is Fremont Street. In about one minute you’re going to see the most insane thing you’ve ever seen.” And just then we spotted Mr. Spock talking to Smokey and the Bandit.