I went to WonderCon a couple of weeks ago

Miss Robin at WonderconI went to WonderCon a couple of weeks ago with my dad and friend Ernesto. It was worth it just to see their reactions. My dad was like a kid at Disneyland. He was immediately fascinated with the cosplayers and started wandering into the hall as soon as we walked in. I had to corral them to get them to go pick up our tickets.

Inside, we lost Ernesto about 3 times. Dad took something like 250 pictures. I bought a couple of books from Ethan of Axe Cop. He signed one and sketched in the other. I bought a poster from Tony Fleecs. We got some Spider-Man swag shirts. We waited in line for an hour for a sneak preview we didn’t get into. It was an awesome day.

Except the weather. The weather was terrible.

But it was fantastic to bring my dad and Ernesto into the world of comic cons so they can see a little bit of what I do every summer. For Ernesto it was just a warm-up. He’s going to the big one, San Diego Comic Con, with me this summer.