“We’ve officially reached zoo status”

So spoke my friend and coworker Patrick on Friday afternoon before the whiskey and beer pong but around the time of Notorious B.I.G. piping over the intercom and barking dogs running loose in the office. By the time we got to the bar for the after-work party, it seemed everyone was already lit. Tables tilted, glasses crashed to the floor. I had two tall beers and two shots and knew I had to break out. But there was a taxi to be called and a friend to carry out of the men’s room. I was at home by ten but it was not a peaceful night.

Saturday I went to the beach and on a nice bike ride. I played an open mic and went to a surprise party until 3 in the morning. I had already decided to teetotal for a while so I wasn’t a complete wreck but I didn’t get enough sleep.

The work hard / play hard mentality doesn’t make any sense to me. As I see it, you need balance to create for a long time. Who wants to write one good song or one great novel and burnout? That’s terrible. I want to write hundreds of songs.

So I said “no” to a couple of projects today. It’s difficult but it’s mandatory in order to focus on the important things.