Allen and I had a great time at the Tin Can Ale House


Allen and I played the Tin Can Ale House last night. Allen has recorded and played on my last several records. He joined me on stage at the Cabrillo Playhouse in March but this was the first full-on show we’d played together. We put together a really brisk set. I recorded it. It was 26 minutes of our allotted 30. And it just flew by.

I don’t know how it sounded out in the room (I don’t think my recording is very faithful). We didn’t run our amps through the PA, just vocals. For the first two songs, our amps were pretty damn loud off the stage. At least to us. After some level adjustments onstage, I think we sounded better mixed but I don’t know what people’s perception of a two man guitar band is. We’re going to try the same thing at the GoLounge in two weeks (May 24th). Come see that.

We loved the Tin Can. Good beer, good eats, awesome staff, good ole divey atmosphere and a great audience. We definitely want to go back there. Hopefully, we’ll have a drummer with us next time.

Thanks to David for the photos and the video and the audience participation. Thanks to Kelsey and Justin for having us.

I’m back in San Diego the next two weeks. If you want to see a different kind of show, I’m playing the Live after Five show at Hotel Indigo next Wednesday (May 16th) and I’ll be a little less power chordy.