I saw Tennis at the Constellation Room Tuesday night

I headed over to the Constellation Room on Tuesday to see Tennis. I only heard of them a couple of months ago but I’ve been listening to Young and Old pretty frequently. (And I just learned they recorded it in my hometown.) They’re a pretty great combination of the sounds of 90s indie rock and Euro electro-lounge like the Cardigans and Stereolab.

Wild Belle opened the show and I liked them but they were just too polished to my ears. I was wishing for some kind of indication that they had any rock n roll in them. It was a relief when an instrument mic stopped working and the singer had to aim her mic at the saxophone. Like, finally, something that wasn’t proscribed.

“Fortunately” — I say ironically — Tennis was overwhelmed with technical issues. They soldiered through them with superior grace improvising their set list to skip songs that required a troublesome bass rig. It was a really personal show that sounded bigger than the small band. They’re poppy and personable and fuzzy and crispy. It was a really great show. And I’m loving the Constellation Room though I’ve only been twice.

Here’s a live clip of Tennis from All Tomorrow’s Parties.