New Music from Old Friends — Century Club

So 13 years ago or so, my friends Todd K and Ryan and I started a band called The Carter Administration. I quit the band in 2001. They pushed on with a new bass player, Andy Wilhite, and stayed together for another 8 years or so. A couple of years ago, they invited our friend Sam Powers into the band. He’d played in the legendary Nashville power pop band Who Hit John?, Knoxville’s Superdrag and toured with a little band called Guided By Voices. (Sam sings on this song of mine.) And then a year or two ago, they decided to hang up the Carter name.

Soon after, Sam, Todd and Ryan formed a new music unit called Century Club. And after a couple of homemade releases, they’ve stepped up their game with their first studio recording Keep It In The Fairway which is a free download. You can hear the whole thing here: