I am playing country songs with a band at a bar next month.

That’s right. Angela at The Go Lounge invited me to play a very special show on July 6. It’s a going away party for a friend of the bar. The only catch: they want all country music. I could play Willie Nelson songs all night, so I said yes of course. In fact, I’d already been talking about playing country song sets with Allen and David Dewese. I asked them to join me. We hope to have a drummer too for a few songs. This should be fun.

Allen and I practiced a few days ago and got the set down. It’s heavily Willie (as would be expected) but with Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Billy Joe Shaver and a bunch of originals thrown in.

The show is July 6th at the Go Lounge (check the Shows page). We start at 9pm sharp.