In March at the Cabrillo Playhouse

I really had a lot of fun at this show. My parents were in town. Allen and David were also on the bill. It was great.

I often feel like I’m awkward and could possibly be seen as a little unfriendly onstage. I feel like one of those nervous kids who gets up to perform at an assembly and just says his lines and gets off stage. So I enjoyed watching this performance and realizing I’m not like that. I’m pretty friendly. I’ve always admired the easy charm some performers have where you feel like they’re just being friendly and not “putting on a show.” That’s what I’ve always aspired to. I hope I’m getting there.

Here’s the set: Never Cared For You, Bella, I’ll Fake It Just For You, It’s Too Hot To Larp, You Can Drink and I’ll Drive, I Wanna Stay With You, Goodnight Maddie, I Remember Girls, Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys