Comic Con Day 1 and Willie Nelson in a bar

Well the first day of Comic Con has left me exhausted. I drove down from OC this morning and got into Con around 11. We hit the exhibitor floor but not for too long.

There’s something so comforting to me about that floor. I walk in and wish I could live there. I know where everything is generally. But there’s always surprises.

I got an Iron Sky frisbee for tweeting that photo above. We went to lunch and then hung out around the Batmobiles. Then we saw Ellen Page talk about a video game she’s in. I missed the Jordan Jesse Go show that got cut off cause I wanted a seat for the Wilfred panel and went in early enough to see the Hotel Transylvania panel.

Wilfred was hilarious. The cast was there. They showed an episode that hasn’t aired yet. It was great.


Then I left the Con and drove up to Solana Beach to see Willie Nelson at the Belly Up. It’s the closest I’ll get to seeing him in a honky tonk and it was, naturally, a great show.

He played a whole bunch of songs that I’d never seen him play before and a few that I haven’t seen in a while. Seeing him in that small venue was another amazing experience that I can add to all the great places I’ve seen him play.

And now I’m typing this in my truck waiting for my friends to get home so I can crash on their floor and do the Con again tomorrow.