Comic Con Day 3: nerds, nudes, knees


It’s 9pm and we’re back home which feels incredible after two late nights and early mornings.

First thing this morning, we hit the Nerdist Channel Panel. Chris Hardwick, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Alison Haislip, and others I can’t remember and am too tired to look up right now. It was a really fun panel. I saw Hardwick moderate a Mythbusters panel a couple of years ago. He really knows what he’s doing: panel moderator-wise.

Our gang split up after that variously wandering the floor or hitting the True Blood panel. I was on the floor the rest of the afternoon. I bought a couple of sketch books from artists and some gifts. We took tons of photos.

And then back for Mexican food and relaxing. Legs so sore.

Tomorrow we’re at it again. For me it’s just a brief look around before I head out. But I’ve never done a Sunday at Comic Con. So it’ll be cool to see what’s happening.