Comic Con Day 4: The Long Trolley Ride Home

So I went to Comic Con on Sunday. That’s the first Sunday I’ve gone in the 5 years I’ve been going to Con. I usually think a day at home to unplug from all the Con chaos is what I need on Sunday. Also, that one time, I had swine flu and pretty much couldn’t get out of bed.

I should start by dispelling a couple of myths about Sundays at SDCC. Firstly, not everything is on sale. Yes, you can get back issues and other mainstream comic books for good discounts from some vendors. But it’s by no means universal. And it doesn’t extend to most of the independent books and certainly not to the artists themselves. Since it’s those last two from whom I buy most of my loot, I benefitted not at all from Sunday sales.

Secondly, it’s not “empty” or “less crowded” than the other days. Yes, it feels a little less crowded but only to people who’ve been there on Friday and Saturday. If you were a totally normal person who just happened to go to Con on a Sunday, you’d be overwhemed. Eric and I were getting jostled just as much as ever in the main aisles of the exhibition hall. The only place I noticed it was a little less crowded was on the sidewalk outside the Convention Center. But that is really reaching.

Eric and I hit the floor but split up after about an hour. I wanted to find some art and an indie comic that I could really dive into. I didn’t find the latter. Not because they weren’t there but because all the indies I liked were pricey or just for sale from vendors not individuals. I can buy those books at my local comic book shop and give them some support.

We both ended up leaving around noon. Though I didn’t do that much, I am happy I went on Sunday. I’ve always wondered what it’s like on that last day. I’ve got more to write up about the Con but I’ll split that up into different posts. I’m still recuperating.