Comic Con: the celebrity sightings

Friday night, we were exhausted. None of us got even 6 hours of sleep the night before. We’d been at Comic Con since before 10am. Plus, Martin took us on a 2 mile walking detour to a restaurant for lunch that involved a bridge and a million stairs. So we’d decamped to Toscana in the gaslamp district around 7pm. We were at a table outside. Eric, who has admittedly bad eyesight, nudged me and said, “Courtney Cox is at the bar.”

I said, “I was headed to the restroom so I’ll take a closer look.”

The woman in question was at least 20 years younger than Courtney Cox. I informed Eric it was definitely not her. About 20 minutes later, he looked inside again and said, “Is that the woman from Underworld?”

“I haven’t seen it,” I answered. “Who are you talking about?” I knew Kate Beckinsale was in that movie but I couldn’t imagine he saw her in the bar.

He said, “The main actress.”

“Kate Beckinsale?” We all answered.

“Yeah, right there.”

We looked over at a young girl who had that skunk hairstyle where it’s blonde on the tips and brunette on top. We are all like, “Her?” When she turned around, it was so obviously not her that I can’t do justice to any description of her. But it wasn’t her for sure. Plus she was sitting with two young sorority-looking girls. Nothing in the scene pointed to that being Kate Beckinsale.

So Eric marched into Saturday 0-2 on celebrity sightings. (The Patton Oswalt thing doesn’t count cause he actually spoke to him.)

So you can imagine our reaction when Eric said, “Hey, there’s that girl from Arrested Development.”


“No, the other one.”


“No. The one George Michael dates.”

I started shouting “Ann! You’re talking about Ann! Bland!” but Eric was not acknowledging me because he was trying to think of a movie she’d been in. Then I say, “Scott Pilgrim. She was in Scott Pilgrim.” And Eric said, “Yes.” And then Bryan said, “Who was she in Scott Pilgrim?” And we started trying to explain to him whom she played.

Finally, we asked Eric where she supposedly was and he pointed to a girl about ten feet from us. Close enough that I was embarrassed I’d been shouting “Ann!” and “Bland!” So we decided to walk over there to get a better look. I still didn’t see the person. But when I was standing right next to someone who appeared to be a skinny teenager in a Dorothy costume, they were all pointing at her and yelling again. Mostly, “That is not her!”

I figured 1) this person doesn’t look like the actress in question and 2) we’d been pointing and shouting names of characters she’d played and work she’d done and she hadn’t twitched. So we just started making fun of Eric for his eagle-eye at spotting celebrities.

Today he sent us this:

I’m amazed and twice embarrassed.