I’ve really been enjoying Maggie Serota’s column about rock bios

It’s called For Those About to Read, We Salute You. Maggie reads a rock bio and reports on it during and after the reading. I’ve actually emailed her a couple of times about the various books. She just finished David Lee Roth’s memoir Crazy From the Heat. I emailed her before she began to assure her it was indeed the Ulysses of rock bios.

Maggie just nailed it when reviewing the intro to Crazy. Deciding that it was better to read Sammy Hagar’s bio before Lee Roth’s because otherwise it would be incredibly anti-climatic, Maggie says, “Plus, there’s only so many pages one can read of Sammy Hagar patting himself on the back for managing his wealth and business ventures well.”

Amen, sister.

I mean you can’t argue with this:

At the end of the day, David Lee Roth is a walking carnival and Sammy Hagar is a guy who wore plaid flannel pajama pants in the “Poundcake” video.

You should also check out her 3 part review of Scar Tissue. It was epic:

It’s pretty clear that Anthony Kiedis’ greatest contribution to the Chili Peppers’ musical legacy was simply his single minded determination to continually talk Flea out of joining better bands.