Songbird takes the route to suckage

songbirdSongbird, the music player I’ve been using since its beta days, has been steadily declining in its coolness with each release. Where once it was a combination player and browser built on the Firefox backbone that could search the web for mp3s and download them into my library, it’s transformed to a sort of iTunes replacement that could be used to manage various phones, pods and players.

new-songbird-logoIt finally jumped the shark earlier this month. Its latest update removes all the cuteness and goes for a boring, corporate music player look. Now indistinguishable from — shit, I don’t know — RealPlayer? I’d probably give the makeover a bit of credit except for the fact that the damn player isn’t even working for me. When I open it, it freezes in place. I can play tracks but I can’t even move the location of the player on my desktop.

It’s a real damn shame because my backup player is Google’s Play. Lord knows we need alternatives to the Goog. But Songbird has driven me right into their arms.

Anyone got any suggestions for a solid, simple open source music player?