More Comic Con Wrap-Up: The Loot


Here’s a bunch of stuff I got at Comic Con last month.

I bought Jinchalo by Matthew Forsyth for my niece at the Drawn & Quarterly booth. I bought a couple of Lady Mechanika issues and Executive Assistant: Assassins from Aspen. I picked up an old Adam Hughes sketchbook since he didn’t have a new one. I got a couple of sketchbooks from Vince Riley. I got Keron Grant’s Girls sketchbook. I got cards from Ashleigh Popplewell, Whitney Pollett, and Josh Howard. I liked all their art but I didn’t pick any up on this go ’round. I also got a bunch of freebie magazines and that frisbee.

And I picked up more Catwoman prints. One from Rafael Albuquerque, one from Uko Smith and a couple whose artists I forgot to record anywhere.