“Inspiration is Overrated” — Nick Cave

Sourcing my memory that Nick Cave dislikes Bukowski, I found this 2009 GQ interview with Cave. I just love this Q&A:

Do you just keep writing or do you have to wait for inspiration?

Oh, I can’t afford to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is overrated. I can’t be worried about whether I’m having a good day or a bad day. I look at the whole thing as kind of labor. If you’re gonna go down and build a brick wall, you need to go down and build a brick wall. It’ll never get built if you wait for the day that you actually feel like getting out the bricks and the mortar. So I just go down to the office every morning. I try not to judge any of it. If I go down there and stay there all day the work has been done whether I’ve done anything or not, if you know what I mean.