So I had a really crazy day

Firstly, I sent the Axe Cop Documentary crew my song about Axe Cop last weekend and they replied saying they loved it and would like to use it on Kickstarter. I replied that they could offer it as a reward if they’d like to. So this morning, they sent out an update and included the song which is just super amazing of them. Seriously, BACK THIS PROJECT. Axe Cop is freaking hilarious and amazing and I want to see a documentary about it.

Secondly, bOING bOING of whom I am I GIGANTIC fan posted my video for Oh Babs which was just incredible.

If you’ve ever wondered what a bOING bOING traffic bump on a video looks like, it looks like this:


Thirdly, this email:


I don’t know if that’s actually Randy Newman but it is pretty great. I hope I meet him some day so I can ask him if he tweeted that and we can talk songwriting and I can express my umbrage at “Short People.”