Dirty walls in quiet rooms — Jan 6 & 7

I spent yesterday doing laundry, packing and cleaning my house. Finally sat down after 9pm. But again, I did it. And I did twenty minutes.

Today was the usual crazy. Things came up at work that had to be dealt with immediately. Other things didn’t come up and left us in an anxious holding pattern. I’m still dealing with the complications of the car accident I was in before Christmas. Today’s wrinkle was that the rental car provider placed 5 holds on my card, tying up several hundred dollars in my checking account.

I left work early but not as early as I’d have liked. I raced home, grabbed bags and batteries and headed to the airport. I’m in Vegas for CES.

By the time I got checked in and did a little tour of the hotel, it was 10pm. Then I folded up a pillow and sat in front of the door to the adjoining room for 20 minutes.

There’s a really interesting inventory my mind takes of the day when I meditate. It’s not a inventory of recounting or remembering the day. It’s just my mind cycling through, following tangents and returning and occasionally settling.

I don’t know if I’m doing right or not but I think what’s happened is that I’ve learned to let those thoughts arise and fall without getting attached to them. And so I appreciate the cycling through.