I saw my old friends Glossary at the Slidebar in Fullerton a couple of weeks ago

I saw my old pals Glossary a few weeks ago. They hit the Nashville/Murfreesboro scene a year or two before my band, The Carter Administration, but we were all coming into our own around the same time. In fact, the first professional article I wrote was about Glossary’s bassist Bingham Barnes.

Seeing them, a band I’d grown up with in many ways, out here on the West Coast was a disarming experience. They’re a connection to a home and a time that I’ve left in many ways. And there they were sounding like a line drawn from the past into the present. Not the same exactly but not so different. A line drawn from Nashville indie rock to a cheesy rock club in Orange County.

They rocked harder than I’ve ever seen them. The line-up’s changed over the years but the constants — Joey Kneiser and Bingham — have kept Glossary ticking. Bingham is the heart beat of the band. He’s a busy bass player but always in the pocket. Like James Jamerson playing Wilco. Joey’s the head, leading the songs with a loud rhythm guitar and breaking into leads from time to time.

I picked up their latest record, Long Live All of Us (an amazing name for a record), and I’ve kept it in my car since. It’s indie Americana. Just a little outside of the lines of traditional Americana. The tunes are crafty and well-accented. Compared to the show though, the record is laid-back. Glossary’s next move should be a live record. It was a great show and they need to capture that energy on tape.

Go see ’em live. Or buy a record.