You know, Morrissey is awesome for this

Creative Commons image by Man Alive!

If you hadn’t heard, Morrissey cancelled his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live due to the cast of something called Duck Dynasty also appearing on the show.

Look, I’m not a vegetarian and Morrissey says a lot of things I consider a little bit extreme. But I think he’s doing an awesomely admirable thing here. If he believes that meat is murder, then he absolutely should refuse to appear with a bunch of bird killing “reality” show idiots.

I saw a comment on Twitter this morning about how Morrissey proves he doesn’t care about his fans. Bullshit. It’s the exact opposite. I wouldn’t be a fan of his if he didn’t stand up for his principles. So him standing up for them is him standing up for his fans.

Bravo, Morrissey.