Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1

Day 1 of Emerald City Comic Con was cool. Seattle is nice. The convention center is great. The con is well done. I wanted to branch out to see cons in other states and it’s pretty interesting. For starters, the cosplay is different in that there doesn’t seem to be as much of it as there is at California cons. And because of that the cosplay seems more homemade and authentic in Seattle. However, I know that’s not true. It’s just that at California cons, one is more likely to run into a troupe of cosplayers who are pretty professional. That makes a difference. And today wasn’t really a perfect example of the ECCC. The Friday show only started at 2pm. More cosplayers were arriving as it got later and tomorrow is sold out. So I’m expecting the works tomorrow.

I spent all day in the exhibit halls. There were a few panels I was kinda interested in seeing but whenever I’d remember one was coming up, it would be too late to queue for them.

I shot as much as possible with my new camera, a Sony HX200. I have to say, I’m not that impressed. I thought I’d gotten into the rhythm with it today but tonight when I inspected the pictures, they just didn’t look that good at full size. Some focus is out even when I auto-focused. And the grain is just huge.

Tomorrow, I’ve got new ideas about what to shoot but I’m bringing my Canon Elph and shooting some on it to compare the pics.