Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones S3E3

So each week, various friends of mine discuss Game of Thrones over email or texts. I figured I’d try to start the conversation here and see what happens.

When last we left off, Eric was wondering: “Robb Stark’s wife—-possible traitress? Or just someone who’s gonna fuck this war up for him because he couldn’t wait a couple o’ “years to get with her?”

Ryan, Bryan and Nick were wondering what was up with Joffrey’s anti-gay tirade. Meg explained the Crannogmen and I told everyone to watched for the Flayed Man sigil of the Boltons who were torturing Theon.

Have we all caught up? Then let’s discuss Episode 3…

Damn, this week was insane! I didn’t think we were going to see Jaime lose his hand so early in the season. But that scene was great. Epic ending.

It’s strange how the different storylines move at different paces. Robb’s is moving really slowly as is Dany’s (always. God, she’s boring). Although, Stannis may be competing for most boring. Meanwhile, Jaime and Brienne are hauling ass along.

They’re really ratcheting up the tension which is one of the best parts of this show: how they ratchet and release the tension. I’m going to go watch again.