Spoiler Alert: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 3

I’m all caught up. Let’s discuss.

As soon as we saw Pete and Trudy at the party, I wondered when it was all going to catch up to him. He’s just so bad at being bad. When Trudy finally calls him out, it was spectacular. I always knew she had a real backbone and he didn’t.

Don’s anti-pitch to the Jaguar guys was hilarious.

The conversation between Megan and what’s-her-name (Don’s new paramour) was disturbing. It was great to show that in the context of Pete getting caught. I couldn’t help but feel a dread that Don would get caught as well. And the terrible thing is that I wanted Pete to get caught and didn’t want Don to.

The ending? Thoughts? I wonder if the next episode will pick up there or if Don will just ignore that moment.