Spoiler Alert: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4

Sunday night, I spoke with Todd K about Mad Men and his interpretation that it’s all about Don’s code. The scene with Megan on-set was a little disturbing to me because I see it either as Don breaking his own code or his code ultimately being about control. When his new affair tells him she prays for him to have peace, I momentarily thought: is this what all the women he sleeps with think? That they’re saving him?

There was more of Pete trying to be Don — offering Don his apartment if he’s ever in the city and Don replying, “I live here, Pete” — and then ultimately ruining a client relationship by pushing them into ketchup. Does no one remember Mohawk Airlines?

Harry’s sudden attitude came out of nowhere. I see Cosgrove getting more and more frazzled. I wish he’d just go write books.

I heard an interview with Jessica Pare (who plays Megan) a couple of years ago and she said Mad Men has never been about Don making good decisions. Is it really about no one being happy in their line of work?