Being unproductive til I can be productive

Ugh.  I’m about 90% done with a song. But the last 10% is hard to put together. Plus, I have to leave open the option that the last 10% might require rewriting the middle 20% 

Nonetheless, I have been trying to force it to be finished. Last night I was just playing through the song, trying to finish the lyrics for hours. Finally, I figured the arrangement was done so I spent an hour or more trying to record it. But as I know recording an arrangement without having the lyrics done is a waste. I mean generally it’ll keep but I don’t want to be locked in to having to write a certain amount of lyrics.

So today, I figured I’d record tonight so I just needed to “let it come to me.” That’s a pretty good idea but it doesn’t go along with scheduled recording. As it got later, I just kept thinking, well as long as I start recording by 9pm. At 9pm, as I was buying tacos, I realized this is a lost cause. It’s great that I want to produce something each weekend but I just tanked Friday and Saturday night to “working on it.”

It’s way less frustrating now that I’ve realized it won’t get recorded this weekend. And that’ll make me more productive. I just have to be observant of those times I’m not ready to record.