I saw Kate Nash at the Observatory on Thursday

Kate Nash at the Observatory

I didn’t know what kind of band she was touring with or if that’s how she’s always toured. They were a foursome of girls with Kate and another trading off between bass and guitar. The sound was kinda grunge throwback and not as colorful as Kate’s records. But it suits what Kate does in the shows which is grungey and loose rock n roll. (The drummer was freaking solid, by the way.)

I was shocked to see such a huge and enthusiastic turn-out. I didn’t know so many people around Orange County knew Kate’s music. I’d have liked to have seen a smaller show with piano and more space to the tunes but I think Kate’s personality is a little too big to go that route right now.

I admire what she’s doing in taking conscious steps to do something different from what she’s done before. I want to see more of that in musicians.