Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, Season 6 Episode 6

Well, I got from Mad Men what I wanted from Game of Thrones this week: action, chaos.

Don was an arrogant asshole and got called out on it.. by Joan of all people who’d previously told him he was one of the good ones for a situation involving the same client. That was a great scene to watch. I don’t think her criticism landed on Don though. But thank God they’re done with that dick from Jaguar. Don fired him in a fantastic way.

Meanwhile Pete decides to fuck up his marriage and his in-laws’ completely by showing Trudy’s father he won’t do the “right” thing by keeping mum about running into him in a whorehouse. I thought that was a thoroughly right thing to do (destructive and petty as it was). Wow, Pete. No wonder everyone wants to punch you in the face.

And that ending! What a total surprise. This is why I love this show. It handles the beats in a season just as well as character beats and story beats. While Game of Thrones had me wondering why they wasted a whole episode this week, Mad Men turned up the gas.