Spoiler Alert: Mad Men Season 6 Episode 7

This episode took so many turns so quickly. But it was at least mostly about Don realizing his place.

Don tried to play the part of dominant which was… grotesque. It was an interesting turn for a man we’ve often admired. But we know we’ve seen him secretly submissive. When what’s-her-name leaves him, it was perfect. She learned the amount of humiliation she was willing to bear.

Also beautifully played was Ted Chaugh’s part. He was seen as the bumbler last season when it turns out he’s the better creative director. And the scene in the airplane was great. Don can push a man around on the ground but Ted is a steady hand when it counts. He doesn’t manage with intimidation.

Joan and Bob? Honestly, that would be great.

I’m really into where the show is heading. God, the ending was awesome. Don’s cold reaction. That song coming on.