Book club of Thrones: Discussing the “Red Wedding” amongst readers

Red Wedding Fan Art by Cerque

Here’s that post where myself and my one friend who’s read the Song of Ice and Fire books discuss the events of the television show “Game of Thrones.” If you haven’t read the books, you’ll probably want to stay out since spoilers abound.


You sure?

So I re-read the “Red Wedding” chapter in Storm of Swords after watching the episode and then I re-watched the episode last night. It’s still remarkable to me how they’ll change something in the show presumably for brevity’s sake, then they’ll have to change something else and this will just lead to an explanation that’s just as long as it would have been had they stuck to the book.

Some of Lord Walder’s lines are almost verbatim from the scene in the novel. But then why not actually verbatim? Why re-write things even that slightly? For example, Roose says something to Cat about her “bedding” and she says “Ned forbade it.” In the book, she describes the whole awkward embarrassment of being stripped down at her wedding.

I mean, I guess they’ve solved the Talisa problem. I wondered how that was going to play out with her being pregnant and all. It was horribly brutal though.

I remembered the Red Wedding in the book being slightly confusing. And it is still upon my second reading. It’s more of a surprise than a scene of horror. The show definitely changed that aspect of it.