Spoiler Alert: Arrested Development Season 4

Ok. Has it been enough time for everyone to watch the new episodes of Arrested Development? I talk about it every day with friends so I figured it was time to post about it.

For starters, this was completely misleading. My brother and I tried to mix up the order in which we watched the episodes and were immediately lost. I went back and watched in order.

The first few episodes didn’t quite catch for me. I really wanted to get back into the show and there were several jokes that I could sense where they were aiming but it took watching more and more episodes for me to appreciate everything. Somewhere around episode 8 or 9, I was just trucking and the last four or five episodes I thought were great. I ended up loving the structure of the story — beginning and ending in the same place, the plot powered by the lies everyone told each other. I loved what they’d done with the characters. As always, I wish I’d seen more of Buster but he’s a Milford man.

I’m definitely going to watch again. I know I was missing out on tons of jokes just to get the first pass completed.